Donations make research possible aimed at appropriate treatment options, education, and, most importantly, therapy adherence, for patients cared for by dedicated health care professionals.

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A general donation allows the IMPAQTT Foundation the flexibility to direct your donation where it is needed most. A contribution can be made on a one-off or recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually).

Of a suggested donation of €50, approximately 85% is used directly for research and education projects of the IMPAQTT Foundation.

Approximately 15% of the funds donated are set aside to cover daily operational costs of IMPAQTT such as utilities, website maintenance, bookkeeping, and insurance costs.

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The TARGET System Book

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the TARGET System Book

For donations of €200 or more, you receive a signed copy of this practical book, written by our founder Dr. Christine B. Boers-Doets:

The book presents in detail the six steps to be taken from terminology to treatment recommendations of new cancer therapy-associated skin and mucosal side effects. The new cancer therapies are the so-called targeted therapies. 

The TARGET-system provides a roadmap developed to support representatives of pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, researchers, and trainers in implementing appropriate treatment options for oncology drug-associated side effects.

The roadmap steps include Terminology, Assessment, Reporting, Grading, Education, and Treatment. This system enables the provider to limit the side effects of targeted therapies and promotes patient compliance with such therapies, avoiding discontinuation or dose adjustments. When treatment is initiated early, at the onset of a side effect, the symptoms may be more readily controlled. 

When applying the TARGET-system steps in a busy clinical setting or during research protocols, it will undoubtedly prolong the duration of a patient on targeted therapy/immuno-oncology and improve the quality of life of people who depend on these drugs.

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Joel Epstein & Christine Boers-Doets

Join Us In Our Mission

Join us in our mission to generate and spread sustainable solutions for the side effects challenges that patients encounter while on targeted anticancer treatment.


Help us to help patients complete their cancer treatment as planned.





Thank you in advance on behalf of the patients,


Joel B. Epstein, President

Christine B. Boers-Doets, Founder & Senior Researcher

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