The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

Our founder about the collaboration with MASCC:

"I work with featuring leading side effect masters from around the globe.

Most of them are members of MASCC, The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer. The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) is an international multidisciplinary organization dedicated to research and education in all aspects of supportive care for people with cancer regardless of the stage of their disease. Founded in 1990, MASCC now includes members from more than 60 countries and 5 continents."

Supportive care is essential in advancing cancer treatment and in enhancing the lives of those coping with cancer. MASCC is the ultimate meeting place to examine and discuss symptoms and complications of cancer treatment, methods to minimize cancer-induced side effects, and common psychosocial challenges. The annual meeting promises to be an unforgettable experience driven by the common goal of improving the quality of cancer care worldwide.
MASCC Athens 2011

How has MASCC impacted your career?

"I became a MASCC member in 2010. At that time, I was already a Ph.D. student on mucocutaneous side effects resulting from targeted cancer therapies. So, in my opinion, on a scale from 1-10, my expertise in this field was about 9-9,5. I became aware that I needed to adjust this number a little bit when I joined the annual meeting for the first time. My level of expertise was not 9 or 9,5, it was more like 0,5 or a 1! There is so much side effect knowledge out there, I wasn’t aware of before I joined MASCC. This was a real game-changer. Since then, I became really successful in managing side effects effectively. My level of expertise? It is now really a 9,5! I’m so successful now in side effect management that I never need to apply a dose reduction or a dose delay anymore due to unresolved side effects. I develop a strategy, the TARGET strategy to help others to become as successful as I am in side effect management. Many MASCC members contributed to this book. So, in summary, I can state that everything I know about side effects and their management, I know from MASCC and its members!"
MASCC Annual Meeting 2013

Why do you enjoy being a part of the association? 

"What I love most about MASCC is that it is like a big family. Every time I need support, I get it. Fast, and the answer is of high expertise. I get insights and collaboration. Two MASCC members became my thesis advisors. And now I have my Ph.D. in this field. When you want to become truly successful in side effect management, you need to become a MASCC member and attend the annual meeting. No Doubt! Will I see you at our annual interdisciplinary and international meeting?"
MASCC Annual Meeting

Collaborate with MASCC

"No doubt – without the collaboration with MASCC members, I would not have achieved what I needed most: collaboration, support, insights from other disciplines, insides from other countries and continents, and most of all: friendship!

I join many conferences and meetings around the globe, but none comes even close to MASCC when it comes to side effect management and exchanging strategies, tools, and content. Judith Raber-Durlacher advised me years ago to join MASCC: “your life will never be the same”, she said. This is really true. 

I have a great idea: join MASCC yourself and you will experience the same as I did and still do."

Join the Annual Meeting

Join leading experts and colleagues from around the globe at the MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting, an innovative forum dedicated to the latest developments in the field of supportive care in cancer.